Sonos Trade Up/Upgrade save upto 30% of RRP

We are indeed the only official Sonos trade up program partner in NZ, apart from Sonos themselves.
Sonos has entrusted The Sound Store with doing the Sonos Trade Up/Upgrade program due to our advanced knowledge of the product and our ability to help you as the consumer to select the correct products to upgrade to, to suit your system the best.
The Sonos Trade-Up program works as follows and cannot be used in conjunction with any other deals:
  • ¬†Any other eligible Sonos Item ie, the ZP80, ZP90, ZP100, ZP120, Connect (Manufactured 2011-2015), Connect:Amp (Manufactured 2011-2015) and Play:5 (Gen 1) will give you a 30% discount off RRP on any item in the Sonos range. For Example, if you have 2 x Play 5 gen 1's, you will have 2 discount tickets to purchase any other 2 Sonos items i.e. could be a Sonos Arc and Sonos Sub at RRP less 30%.
  • The Sonos Beam Gen1, Sonos One Gen1, Sonos Play 1, Sonos Play 3, Sonos Play 5 Gen2, Sonos Playbar, Sonos Playbase and certain Sonos Connect and Connect amp are eligible for a 15% discount off RRP
  • You need to provide us with a screenshot on your Sonos account indicating the items that are eligible.¬†
  • If any¬†of the units were brought in to us, we will recycle them responsibly.¬†
  • You can also carry on using the old units on S1 App. Units purchased after May 2020 will only work on the new S2 app. Therefore you would need 2 different systems in the home but they can interconnect if need be by adding additional Connects and Ports to the systems.
The important thing to note is that the trade up is not like for like, i.e. in the case of trading up Play 5's, you can upgrade to Sonos Arc or Sub or even Outdoor speakers and still get a 30% discount. One serial no for 1 discount on 1 item.
The Popular Sonos items for trade up is as follows:
  • Sonos ARC¬†$1,699 with 30% discount it will cost $1,189.30¬†
  • Sonos Subwoofer RRP $1,499¬†with 30% discount it will cost $1,049.40
  • Sonos Amp¬†RRP $1,299¬†with 30% discount it will cost $909.30
  • Sonos Port (Pre-amplifier)¬†RRP $799¬†with 30% discount it will cost $559.30
  • Sonos in ceiling speakers¬†RRP $1,199¬†with 30% discount it will cost $839.30
  • Sonos In Wall Speakers¬†RRP $1,199¬†with 30% discount it will cost $839.30
  • Sonos Outdoor Speakers¬†RRP $1,599¬†with 30% discount it will cost $1,119.3
  • Sonos Five RRP $999¬†with 30% discount it will cost $699.30
  • Sonos Move¬†RRP $799¬†with 30% discount it will cost $559.30
  • Sonos One $399¬†with 30% discount it will cost $279.30
We hope this explains everything about the Sonos Upgrade Programme, however should you have any questions, please give us a call 09 520 2105 or send us an email


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