Sonance VP66R SST/SUR Single Stereo/Surround Medium Round Speaker (Each)

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Selectable between Single Stereo for small spaces such as hallways or nooks and Surround speakers for home theater applications.

The perfect surround sound partner for Visual Performance Series LCR speakers or Sonance Soundbars.Various sizes and shapes to match the aesthetic of the room.

Two performance levels to accommodate any ear or budget.Same exceptional Visual Performance Series sound quality.

Cutting-edge development

Sonance Visual Performance Series was developed using cutting-edge design and computer modeling software to deliver best-in-class performance in every category and at every price point.

State-of-the-art materials

Sonance Visual Performance Series speaker drivers are constructed from state-of-the-art materials that are extremely rigid and lightweight. This enables the speaker to reproduce music accurately and with precise detail.

For every ear and every budget

Sonance Visual Performance Series offers a range of performance levels to ensure the perfect speaker is available to suit every ear and any budget.

For every ear and every budget