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The original and ultimate in personalised sound, with extra bass speakers for an incredible immersive listening experience.

This is personalised sound.

Our ears are so different. Headphones tuned perfectly to your hearing will sound incredible to you, but mediocre to anyone else.

The Nuraphone tunes itself to your hearing, giving you the opportunity to experience fully personalised sound.

It does this by measuring otoacoustic emissions from your cochlea using highly sensitive microphones.

These measurements form your unique hearing profile, and allow the Nuraphone to deliver you personalised sound.

Features you’ll love.

Immersion mode - Two additional speakers dedicated to bass provide an incredibly immersive listening experience without compromising on clarity.

Wired and wireless - Go wireless with high-quality Bluetooth audio, or connect a USB or analogue cable for reduced latency.

20-hour battery life - Listen to music for days on a single charge. Running low? Charge your Nuraphone for three hours to get back to 100%.

Active noise cancellation - On public transport or in a busy office? Active noise cancellation and two layers of passive isolation block out distractions and allow you to enjoy the music you love.

Gaming never sounded better.

High quality, immersive sound makes the Nuraphone incredible for gaming. Add in the gaming microphone for crystal-clear voice chat, on console or PC.

Technical Specifications

Personalised sound (on-device measurement)
Fit detection
Immersion mode (adjustable dedicated bass speakers)
Social mode (passthrough/transparency)
Active noise cancellation (hybrid)
Voice calls
Wireless audio (Bluetooth® 4.2)
SBC, AAC, Qualcomm aptX™ and Qualcomm aptX HD™ support
Wired audio (see “Connectivity")
QuickSwitch (easy device switching)

In-ear speaker: 15mm low distortion dynamic driver
Outer-ear speaker: 40mm low distortion dynamic driver
Frequency range: 20 Hz—20,000 Hz
Max volume: 118 dB

Wireless audio (Bluetooth® 4.2)
SBC, AAC, Qualcomm aptX™ and Qualcomm aptX HD™ support
Proprietary connector (all cables)
USB-A cable for charging and USB audio (included)
3.5mm analogue cable (included)
USB-C cable for charging and USB audio (sold separately)
Micro USB cable for USB audio (sold separately)
Lightning cable for audio from supported Apple devices (sold separately)
Gaming microphone (sold separately)

Dimensions: 190 x 170 x 88 mm
Weight: 329g

20+ hours battery life
Approximately 3 hours to fully charge
Auto power on/off (head detection)

Automatic pause/resume on & off head
Touch buttons configurable in Nura app: single tap, double tap
Play/pause music, answer/hang up calls
Previous/next track
Volume up/down
Enable/disable social mode
Enable/disable immersion

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