Guide to Sonos soundbars

Guide to Sonos soundbars

Enhancing Your TV Audio: Choosing the Right Sonos Soundbar

Are you tired of straining to hear dialogue or missing out on the immersive sound experience of your favorite movies and games? It might be time to consider adding a soundbar to your TV setup. Sonos offers a range of soundbars designed to elevate your audio experience, but with varying sizes, performance levels, and features, how do you know which one is right for you? Let's break down the options to help you make an informed choice.

Choosing the Right Soundbar

Before diving into the specifics of each Sonos soundbar, it's essential to understand your listening preferences and the space where you'll be using the soundbar. Whether you're aiming for clearer dialogue, deeper bass, or overall detailed sound, Sonos has a soundbar tailored to your needs.

The Sonos Lineup

  • Sonos Ray: Ideal for upgrading TV or PC sound, especially for gaming enthusiasts. With four class D amplifiers, two tweeters, and two mid woofers, Ray offers clear stereo separation and crisp dialogue, making it perfect for smaller spaces like bedrooms or apartments and TVs up to 55 inches.
  • Sonos Beam (Gen 2): Taking things up a notch, the Beam (Gen 2) features a dedicated left, right, and center channel for an ultra-wide soundstage and supports Dolby Atmos content through virtual height channels. This model is suitable for larger TVs and more expansive rooms.
  • Sonos Arc: The largest soundbar in the lineup, Arc delivers an immersive home theater experience with 11 drivers and two dedicated height channels. It's designed to fill large spaces and elevate your movie and music enjoyment.


Factors to Consider

  • Size Compatibility: Consider the size of your TV to determine which soundbar fits best. Ray is great for smaller TVs, while Beam (Gen 2) and Arc are suitable for larger screens.
  • Placement: Think about where you'll place the soundbar. Ray works well under a TV or on a shelf, while Beam (Gen 2) and Arc are powerful enough for wall mounting or placement in larger spaces.
  • Features: Sonos soundbars offer various features, including voice control options with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Sonos voice control. You can also fine-tune your audio with Trueplay tuning for optimal sound quality.

Expanding Your Home Theater

Once you've chosen the right soundbar, consider expanding your setup with rear speakers for surround sound and a subwoofer for enhanced bass, creating a complete home theater experience.


Adding a Sonos soundbar to your TV setup can transform your audio experience, bringing clearer dialogue, deeper bass, and overall enhanced sound quality to your favorite content. By understanding your preferences and considering factors like size, placement, and features, you can choose the perfect soundbar to complement your viewing experience and take your home entertainment to the next level.

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