Brateck - Premium Universal Floor Standing Speaker Stands

Brateck - Premium Universal Floor Standing Speaker Stands

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Weighted Base for Stability, 781mm High, 200x200mm Platform, Foam Pads to Stop Scratching. Weight Cap. up to 10kgs. Sold as a Pair.

Featuring the elegant hardwood column, the BS-62-02 Sophisticated Speaker Stand can blend in with any décor, infusing the house with warmth and elegance while providing a secure location for your speaker and an optimal height for listeners. The BS-62-02 complements LUMI’s Easel Studio TV Stands to produce the maximum enjoyment of sound and vision. The adhesive foam pad prevents the speaker from scratching and accidental dropping. The weighted base provides stability and reduces secondary sound vibrations. Both plastic pads and steel spikes are included to secure the speaker stand on solid or carpeted floors. Hidden cable management keeps wiring organized and protected.


  • Weighted Base: ensures stability and reduces secondary sound vibrations
  • High Quality Powder-Coated Finish: prevents scratches and rust
  • Foam Pad: prevents the device from scratching and accidental dropping (securley hold the device in place)
  • Two Base Feet Styles Included: plastic pads ensure stability on solid surfaces/steel spikes are for carpeted surfaces
  • Concealed Cable Management System: keeps your clutter away
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