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CI 720 V2

CI 720 V2

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BluOS Network Stereo Music Player

Unleashing the power of BluOS® to its fullest potential, the CI 720 V2 Hi Res Network Stereo Music Player is the perfect powered zone solution for network audio. The CI 720 V2 combines all of the benefits of the BluOS multi-room music management platform into one place, and combining this with NAD amplifier technology, in a form factor designed specifically to be reliable in a rack and economical on space.

NAD CI 720 V2 Rack mount Mount Stereo Streamer

Designed for use in a rack-based audio system, the CI 720 V2 is a complete stereo zone in itself. Incorporating the power of BluOS hi- res multi-room streaming with 2 channels of NAD’s Hybrid Digital Technology, this unit can be the backbone of a whole home music platform.

With its unique “blade” form factor, six modules can be mounted to the RM 720 rack kit, meaning you get 6 stereo zones into just 3U of rack space, saving 50% of rack space against traditional format stereo streamers. Each unit is also thermostatically cooled with an air intake on the front to draw in cool air which is dispersed through the vents towards the rear of the unit so you can be confident of the CI 720 V2 having longevity in even the most challenging rack environments.

NAD’s Hybrid Digital amplification, in this case a conservative, 2 x 60W into 8 ohm with customized Hypex UcD output stages, offers reliable power, with ultra- low distortion and high current output. Hybrid Digital is ideal for longer cable runs using thicker gauge cables. Being load invariant, it handles 4 ohm loads as easily as it does 8 ohms. Whether listening to background music at lower volumes or turning it up, NAD delivers a consistent, linear sound, which is clear, detailed and dynamic at all volume levels.

One major benefit of using multiple stereo streamers in this format is single zone redundancy. If one unit should fail, none of the other zones are impacted, so the user can still enjoy their music in the rest of the property.

Another benefit is that each CI 720 V2 also has dedicated analogue and digital inputs. Connectivity can be expanded via sister brand’s Bluesound HUB. Each module also has a subwoofer output and can be paired wirelessly over the network with a Bluesound PULSE SUB+

An IR input is also included for basic control, utilizing the IR learning function within the BluOS Controller app so you can learn commands from any 3rd party remote.

Using the BluOS Controller app, you can stream from over 20 popular music services with playback of music at up to 24/192, all in one place, or you can cast directly from a mobile device via Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect or Tidal Connect. The BluOS app can manage all external inputs and player grouping in an intuitive layout that’s easy to use.

Smart Home Professionals can also integrate the CI 720 V2, or any other BluOS enabled devices with any of the major control systems, so access and playback to music can be managed in multiple ways.

Stack multiple CI 720 V2s in the rack (up to 64 zones) to create a multi- room, multi- source audio system which combines fit and forget reliability with breathtaking quality and value. Mix these rack mountable players with other BluOS enabled devices, such as Bluesound speakers, NAD stereo integrated amplifiers or AV Receivers as needed to create an audio system that’s perfectly tailored to each project and maximizes the value and performance in every room.

Key Features

  • 1 stereo BluOS zone with HybridDigital amplification
  • 2 x 60W into 8 ohms
  • Six units into 3U of rack space using the RM 720 rack mount chassis
  • Thermostatic Fan cooling
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Analogue and Digital (optical) inputs
  • Subwoofer out (compatible with Bluesound PULSE SUB+)
  • USB input
  • IR input
  • Universal voltage 100V to 240V
  • Uses standard network protocol (multi-cast). No player meshing. Support for up to 64 zones
  • Integrates with Crestron Custom, Control4, Elan, URC, RTI, Lutron, Rako, Rithum
  • KNX integration via Gira and Bab Technology
  • Voice control via Amazon Alexa
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