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KEF Ci200ER Round In-Ceiling Speaker - Pair

KEF Ci200ER Round In-Ceiling Speaker - Pair

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Heard but not seen, with unprecedented value and performance.

KEF's E series of architectural speakers is designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards as all KEF's architectural offerings and features KEF's famed Uni-Q driver technology.

KEF's Uni-Q driver enables the mid-range and tweeter to act as a single point source. This patented technology allows the listener to sit anywhere in the room and still enjoy KEF's world-renowned sound and clarity without having to be positioned in the narrow "sweet-spot" found with conventional speaker designs.

The E Series also features KEF's Ultra-Thin Bezel (UTB) technology which offers the thinnest possible visible rim around the speaker assembly. The bezel and grill can be painted to match the interior décor.

All KEF Ci architectural speakers, including the speakers in the E Series, are manufactured to Weather Resistant Construction standards: The grilles are coated via a proprietary process, the speakers include moisture-resistant terminations and finish materials, and the plastics are UV protected, allowing you to safely use these speakers in applications such as bathroom and kitchen.


Recommended Amplifier Power: 10-125W
Product External Dimensions: Diameter : 289.6mm (11.4in.)Depth : 103.3mm (4.07in.)
Cut-Out Dimensions: Diameter : 240mm (9.45in.)
Mounting Thickness: Ceiling Thickness (Maximum): 37mm (1.46 in.) Ceiling Thickness (Minimum): 6mm (0.24 in.)
Mounting Depth From Surface: 97.2mm (3.83in.)

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