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PSB Alpha iQ

PSB Alpha iQ

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PSB Alpha iQ

Streaming Active Speakers with BluOS (PAIR)

A simplified approach to audio, the Alpha iQ come equipped with a built-in digital amplifier and BluOS streaming so you can access and control everything from streaming services and digital music collections to EQ settings and multi-room speaker management. A versatile addition to any home audio system, whether in a stereo set-up, home theatre, TV speaker or as bookshelf speakers.

Powered Streaming Speakers

Since 1991, the PSB Alpha Series has upheld design standards of simplicity, compactness, and versatility. The Alpha iQ refashions the iconic Alpha speaker for the next generation by integrating a built-in amplifier, streaming capabilities, and BluOS multi-room technology into a pair of wireless bookshelf speakers. The result- a revolutionary all-in-one system that combines convenience with uncompromised audio quality.

Behind the Alpha Series

First designed and manufactured in a small Canadian town in 1991, the Alpha Series started with the simple idea of creating affordable speakers that were focused purely on performance. With passion and dedication in pursuit of a natural sounding speaker, and by leveraging decades of research conducted at the Canadian National Research Council by PSB’s founder, Paul Barton, the Alphas quickly rose to be one of the world’s most iconic speakers and are still the reference benchmark for entry-level hi-fi speakers today.

One App Control

The BluOS Controller app simplifies streaming and control of your music with a single app that automatically connects to the Alpha iQ thanks to a fully integrated network connection. Enjoy lossless music up to 24-bit/192kHz with no lag or loss in sound quality, wirelessly transmitted to any room in your home. Control all your music from anywhere in the house with ease using the full-featured BluOS Controller app for iOS and Android devices.

Serious Sound

PSB’s Alpha iQ speakers feature a 4″ polypropylene mid-bass driver and 0.75″ aluminum dome tweeter with neodymium magnet and ferrofluid damping. Thanks to powerful amplifiers, tuned bass ports, and a DSP-enabled low-frequency extension, the Alpha iQ reveal the signature sound of PSB while delivering a bass output that completely belies their diminutive size.

True All-in-One

The Alpha iQ is not your average set of stereo speakers. They’re a compact, minimal bookshelf speaker system that serves as a true all-in-one music system. The Alpha iQ can be placed anywhere in the home with their elegant cabinet and sleek touch panels. Their wireless stereo pairing eliminates cable clutter, requiring only a power connection. The unique tweeter placement below the woofer provides consistent sound quality whether you’re sitting or standing.

More than Meets the Eye

The Alpha iQ are not only a full music system but can also be a versatile addition to your home audio setup. Choose to stream from countless streaming services in the BluOS app, connect them to a turntable, or enhance your TV shows, movies, and games with incredible sound. With multi-room capabilities, you can set up multiple pairs of iQs throughout your home and control music in every room with a few taps on the BluOS app. There are no other speakers like the Alpha iQ – they’re a one-of-a-kind solution that revolutionize the way you approach home audio.


Frequency Response: 64Hz-20kHz
Amplifier Power: 30-60 W
Inputs: Analog - 3.5mm, Phono MM. Digital BluOS, HDMI eARC, Optical. Wireless - aptX™ HD Bluetooth
Dimensions (W x H x D): 145 x 246 x 192mm
Weight: 7.36kg

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